In executive of the management of properties, we propose an certain number of personalized services.
These were organized thanks to the experience of our co-workers as well as to their knowledge of the market.


    1. Accounts Department :
     - Collection of the rents
     - Orders of the accounts owners (monthly or quarterly)
     - Payments invoices and load(charge) management agent
     - Tax return
     - Complaint of taxes recoverable household refuse in the prorata
        temporis with the tenants 
    2. Work and/or damage of water. Insurancee
     - Proposition of corporate bodies known in the region
     - Estimate comparative subdued to the owners
        (demand of approval in case of estimate of an amount superior to 200 €) according to agreement
     - Follow-up of the works - Follow-up of the damages of waters (meeting estimates)
     - Followed by the refunds(repayments) assurance
    3. Relocation
     - Search for tenants
     - Preparation of the candidates' file
     - Checking of solvency
     - Signature of the rental agreement, the inventory of fixtures and the discount(delivery)
        of the keys subject to the insurance certificate
     - Possibility of signing an assurance for unpaid rents (expenses being deductible from incomes).
     - Sending notice to pay and receipts
     - Collections rents
     - Revisions of the rents
     - Regularization of maintenance costs
     - Reflations and formal demands in case of unpaid rents
     - Followed dispute
     - Repayment deposit of guarantee
       (after comparative degree inventory of fixtures input-output) and possible deductions 


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